Are You Ready To Receive Guidance Through Angels?

angelEverything happens for a reason that is why you are here at this website. You may be searching for answers, healing, insights, guidance or direction. Each and everyone of us has the profound ability to connect and receive answers. But in uncertain times you may need assistance or clarity.

The readings are meant to help you sort out current situations, give you a deeper understanding of your past and give possible outcomes in your future. I work with my guides and angles to promote empowering and uplifting messages that are meant to leave you with a sense of more options, insights and peace.

Phone Sessions

Know that a phone session is as powerful as one in person. Learn More

Events & Parties

Parties are a fun way to get share an enlightened experience. Learn More

In Person

This can be insightful and healing. I will answer questions, give guidance and direction. A personal session is recommended for Reiki energy. Learn More


January 15th- Manifesting/Vision Book. This is one of my favorite classes, we go through the year month by month and create your year. I will do individual predictions for each month, you will create a vision of the year you want together we will layout the year 2011!! Learn More

About Barbara Elmer

I have sensed the presence of spirits since early childhood, for many years I resisted recognition of my gifts. Only after certain events compelled me to recognize my abilities was I able to embrace them.

Since recognizing the extent of my gift and realizing that it could be a positive force, I have refined and strengthened my abilities.


Whoever wants readings or medium work…. Barbara is excellent… My Mom is dead and when I asked her about my mom, she came back with things that I knew what theky meant…. It made me cry. I asked her about friends. She even gave me names…. And they were friends already, so I knew who [...]Cynthia Aeschlimann

I had a random reading one day that completely blew my mind. Barbara knew things that nobody ever would have known about my grandmother. Of coarse even as much as I love the whole ghost stuff you always have a bit of skepticism but the more she talked to me I couldn’t believe it because [...]Kimberly Donehoo

My experience with Barb was a very calming experience. I had been experiencing something in the evenings that I called a visitor (a spirit). This visitor made me feel a little uncomfortable but I really was not afraid of it. When Barb came to my home, she reassured me that what I was experiencing was [...]Nancy Bond

I can’t thank you enough Barb! You have changed my life and helped me deal with things that I didn’t know I could. You gave me the tools and the guidance to make it through difficult times. You have also helped me communicate with loved ones that have crossed over andJosie J

I have always been a bit of a skeptic, but after meeting Barbara my mind has really opened. Barbara has an amazing gift. The things she has known regarding me, things I never really spoke about, was incredible!Laura Ferguson